Courses Taught:

  Strengthening Techniques of Historical Structures (MSc.)

  Seismic Design of Structures (MSc.)

  Advanced Design of Concrete Structures (MSc.)

  Theory of Elasticity (MSc.)


  Mechanics of Materials (I) & (II)

  Structural Analysis (I) & (II)

  Design of Masonry Structures

  Design of Steel Structures

  Design of Concrete Structures

  Computer-Aided Design in Civil Engineering; Structural Design

  Structural Loads and Systems

  Technical English for Civil Engineering Students

  Concrete Technology and Laboratory 

  Civil Engineering Materials  and Laboratory 




   Arak University (Since 2020), Full-time Assistant Prof.

  Tabriz Islamic Art University (Since 2019), Invited Lecturer

  Qom University of Technology (2012-2020), Part-time Lecturer

  Ahrar Institute of Technology and Higher Education (2011-2012), Part-time Lecturer

  University of Guilan (2011), Teaching Assistant


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